Looking for perfection

Just ran across an article that had a golden quote in it and I had to share it:

Happiness does not come from a job. It comes from knowing what you truly value, and behaving in a way that’s consistent with those beliefs.

If you showed me this quote as recently as a year ago, it probably would not have meant much. It all changed after reading The Confidence Gap. One of the exercises in the book asks to define a list of values before focusing on any specific goals. The approach felt so strange to me. Values had always seemed so vague and abstract and, quite honestly, useless. Now I realize I used to think of values in vacuum. You need to combine values and goals. A value without action is just a dream. A goal without a value is a temporary relief, a distraction. You will achieve your goal and seek for conclusion but there really is no end. However if you live with in your value system, as long as you take actions that fit the system you will feel satisfied. For if you succeed, you did something that makes you happy, that is important to you. And if you fail, you still worked on something that was important to you. And since it is truly important to you, you will adjust and start again.

It is worth reading the whole article. It has some great advice. It basically boils down to taking a personal responsibility for things that you lack in your life. If your job sucks, it is not your job’s fault, it is actually your fault. Find a way to change what “sucks” about it or change the job altogether. We tend to dream and create “ideal” scenarios in our minds that don’t actually exist. Get real, get out there, and take action.

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