Quick tip on learning

In software engineering you are always learning. Technologies are young and ever-changing so staying on top on the latest trends is important. Yet it can also be time-consuming and often skipped. Recently I found a way to brush up on various tech topics in an afternoon or less.

Go to a site like stackoverflow.com and look at the most upvoted questions for your language or technology area of interest. I just did this for C# and was pleasantly surprised how useful it was to go over the posts. Even if posts themselves might not give you all the answers you need, you can use them as a starting point to branch out. Similarly by checking what is trending for a week or a month can give you some useful insights into common issues and conversations.

I used to ignore these top lists or “trending” lists, and I think that is still good idea to do in news sites or social media sites. Often these lists will be influenced by advertising and will waste your time. But now I realize that in some areas these lists are quite useful so I should use it where applicable.

Obviously that is only a one way to learn but I figured I will share along. Based on my observations at the very least it gives you broad topics that you can then narrow down on or gives you an idea what others are looking at and struggling with so that you can come in and help out or at least think about these problems as an exercise to keep your mind sharp.

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