Weekly planning process


Every week, mostly Sundays, I sit down and go over what happened during the last 7 days and what I am planning on doing next. I have been following this weekly planning process for several years now. It helps in several areas. First, I am more prepared and can get done more. Second, taking time to reflect and look ahead keeps me aligned with my goals and challenges I have set for myself. It is another way to take a step back and have an overview of what is going on.

The planning session process has changed over the years, and it continues to change as I learn new things about myself. Its most recent version has these questions:

  • which habits am I working on and how did I do on them in the last week
  • what were the top 3 most important things I did last week
  • what things did I fail to accomplish
  • did I do what I said are my top 3 things from the last week?
  • what are my top 3 things for the next week

And now I have added on more, “What are you most thankful for?”. I have read that it is a good idea to practice gratitude. So I am trying it out and so far I do indeed like it. I actually love it, especially when I take a moment to be thankful for my family and how lucky I am to have them.

So yeah, if you hear people do more planning but not sure where to start, weekly planning sessions might be a good start. Usually you will need an hour, at least to start with. You can get more detail and intense once you get into planning habit and get a better sense of what you can get done in a week. Until then, start small and improve as you go.

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