Welcome! My name is Laimonas. This site contains my experiences and thoughts on building software, reading, learning, and living in general. I hope to share information that others find interesting, also challenge myself to write and write better regularly.

You might be wondering where does the name NerisStream come from. Neris is a river in Lithuania, my home country. In 2002 I needed a name for an MP3 radio stream recording utility I had written and wanted something that was from Lithuania as its name. “Neris” seemed like a good choice, it sounded decent in English too, so I went with it.  The utility is long gone and forgotten but I always liked the name and resurrected it once I decided to blog again. As for the personal experience with the river itself, funnily I have only driven by it a few times. Perhaps one of these days I will have to arrange a quick swim there when I am back home.

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